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This is difficult to track down for me as a JS newbie.

I am writing a simple (?) Script that shows me under a textarea (which is meant for writing SMS messages) how many characters the current SMS has left and how many SMS I have written so far.

I have the following JavaScript in my header:

<script type='text/javascript'>
    function CheckCount(text, length) {
        var MaxLength = new Number(length);
        messages = Math.ceil(((text.value) ? text.value.length : 0) / 160);
        remaining = messages * 160 - (((text.value) ? text.value.length : 0) % (messages * 160) || messages * 160);
        if (text.value.length == 0) { messages = 1; remaining = 160; }
        document.getElementById('messages').innerText = messages + ' SMS';
        document.getElementById('remaining').innerText = remaining + ' Characters remaining';

In the body of the website I put this:

<textarea name="sms_text" cols="35" rows="5" onKeyUp="javascript:CheckCount(this,4000);" onChange="javascript:CheckCount(this,4000);"></textarea>
<p style="margin-left:174px">
    <span id="remaining">160 Characters remaining</span> |
    <span style="clear:both" id="messages">1 SMS</span>

This works fine in Opera, Safari and Chrome. Firefox and IE have their issues.

Please don't beat me too much. I am just starting with JavaScript and after a day of tedious searching I cannot get to the solution. :)

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You don't need to include javascript: in your textarea handler attributes:

While the above is true, your problem is caused by the use of innerText. Changing to innerHTML works in FireFox.

And to make it work in IE8 it is necessary to declare messages and remaining. I also removed the redundant line var MaxLength = new Number(length);.

function CheckCount(text, length) {
       var messages = Math.ceil(((text.value) ? text.value.length : 0) / 160);
       var remaining = messages * 160 - (((text.value) ? text.value.length : 0) % (messages * 160) || messages * 160);
       if (text.value.length == 0) { messages = 1; remaining = 160; }
       document.getElementById('messages').innerHTML = messages + ' SMS';
        document.getElementById('remaining').innerHTML = remaining + ' Characters remaining';
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This is true, having a label without a loop is completely pointless … but it won't break anything. – Quentin Mar 31 '12 at 11:08
@Quentin - quite right, yes. I thought I should check after posting. – shanethehat Mar 31 '12 at 11:11
Indeed this fixes the FF issue (why can FF not handle InnerText?). Now only iE is left. Getting there. :) I will remove the javascript label. Good tip. Thanks. – BigBonsai Mar 31 '12 at 11:27
@BigBonsai - Working in IE8 now – shanethehat Mar 31 '12 at 11:44
Funny: in the above jsfiddle link - if opened in IE - IT WORKS! But if I copy the above code into a simple stand-alone testpage - nothing. What is jsfiddle doing to make it work in IE? I tested it in IE9. @shanethat - Thanks! Gotta get me an IE8 ;) – BigBonsai Mar 31 '12 at 12:03

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