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I wanted to know from where the values for RIM-COD-Module-Dependencies parameter are populated in Jad file of a Blackberry project ?

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Generally this is done by RIM's RAPC tool. You invoke this when you do a build from the JDE or from the Eclipse JDE Plugin. You can also invoke this from the command line, or using something like bb-ant-tools.

RAPC does a bunch of things - compiling .java files to bytecode (using javac), doing preverification (like sun's WTK), doing some obfuscation/packing/optimization on your bytecode (stripping out unused bits of code, etc), and figuring out what dependencies your .cod will have.

Are you having specific problems with the module dependencies?

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Thanks Anthony,for nice explanation. Yes,I am facing problem,for which actually I have posted a different question also. Still I am stucked in the issue. It is adding net_rim_xml_org,whenever I upload application on phone,it says above file is missing. The application works fine on Pearl 8100 simulator. What can be done? –  iOSDev Jun 16 '09 at 3:48
Please help ..... –  iOSDev Jun 18 '09 at 9:19
I think I saw your other question - I've only seen this as a result of compiling with a newer version of the JDE than the OS of your device. The Pearl initially shipped with the 4.2.1 OS. If you're building with a 4.3 or later JDE (or Eclipse Plug-in) you'll be able to load the app onto the device, but you'll get this error. Get the 4.2.1 JDE or the 4.2.1 component pack for the Eclipse Plug-in and recompile. –  Anthony Rizk Jun 18 '09 at 14:00
Hello Anthony, I tried installing 4.2.1 component pack for Eclipse. After installation also I am not getting 4.2.1 in the list of installed components.Only the previous version 4.5.0 is displayed. How do I get 4.2.1 in component's list? It will be good if I get a standard process of installing component pack,as I may be missing something. –  iOSDev Jun 19 '09 at 3:57
I've always installed using the .zip files (couldn't get the update site to work). Download the zip, go to Help->Software Updates, click on Available Software and then Add Site and click Archive, and select the zip file. –  Anthony Rizk Jun 19 '09 at 13:52

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