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My Lex file main.l:

    #include <stdio.h>
start               printf("Start command received\n");
stop                printf("Stop command received\n");

Create main.c file command:

> flex -Palone -omain.c main.l

Then try to compile it:

> gcc main.c -o main -lfl

and got the following errors:

  "_alonewrap", referenced from:
      _alonelex in ccdqmJjR.o
      _input in ccdqmJjR.o
  "_yylex", referenced from:
      _main in libfl.a(libmain.o)

How to compile the lex program created with the prefix?

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If you use prefix, libfl is not for you. You must provide your own main function and your own <prefix>wrap function (or say you don't want one with %option noyywrap, see flex manual).

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And obviously your main function can't be calling something called yylex, since you've changed the yy prefix! –  Kaz Apr 1 '12 at 4:31

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