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In my model I have:

  has_attached_file :image,
          :storage => :s3,
          :styles => { :original => ["300x250>", :png], :small => ["165x138>", :png], :mini => ["120x120>", :png] },
          :path => 'images/vind/:style/:id/:basename.:extension',
          :url => 'images/vind/:style/:id/:basename.png',
          :bucket => 'konkurrencerher',
          :s3_credentials => {
          :access_key_id => 'x',
          :secret_access_key => 'x'

The problem is just that there is added the amazon s3 hostname to the url in view.

I have a solution to this, but is a bit ugly:

<%= image_tag("", ""), :class => 'koni') %>

But, how is it possible to define the image url in the model, without the Amazon S3 hostname?

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Take a look at Paperclip::Storage::S3, especially on the :s3_host_alias.

You can try configuring your has_attached_file with the following additional options

 :url => ':s3_alias_url',
 :s3_host_alias => ""

Hope this helps.

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My solution created a file in the initializers map with this:

Paperclip.interpolates(:s3_path_url) { |attachment, style|
  "#{(attachment.path).gsub("images/", "")}"

And then the url should be:

:url => ':s3_path_url'

This is a much better solution.

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