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I am developing an application using sonar Java web service client API. I would like to get Integration Test code coverage per class from the JaCoCo plugin. Can this be done with this API?

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The web service API is used to access Sonar's REST API as a client. Otherwise why would your program be any different to another Java program? Use the standard JaCoCo directions for integration with your Maven (or ANT) build. –  Mark O'Connor Apr 1 '12 at 9:14
I already have the JaCoCo plugin in my Sonar, I want to access JaCoCo's data from the Sonar web service API. –  cachiama Apr 1 '12 at 10:40

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As Mark said, you just have to use the WS API to query the database. What you're missing is probably the name of the metrics related to integration tests (they are not documented yet on our metric definitions page). So here they are:

  • it_coverage
  • it_lines_to_cover
  • it_uncovered_lines
  • it_line_coverage
  • it_coverage_line_hits_data
  • it_conditions_to_cover
  • it_uncovered_conditions
  • it_branch_coverage
  • it_conditions_by_line
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