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This is the background... one of our server is crashed and I can't start the postgresql up. Then, I looked in the log and it said that it can't find "pg_clog/0044". I also noticed that the pg_clog folder was gone under the rdbms/data folder. So, I created the pg_clog folder and 256 byte blank file which named 0044 to fool it. The result was good which I can start the database up. However, when I tried to log in to psql. There was FATAL error and stated that "pg_amop_opc_strat_index" contains unexpected zero page please "REINDEX" it. So, I wonder that is it possible to REINDEX "pg_amop_opc_strat_index" without access the psql(Because I can't access it)?

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ignore_system_indexes will probaly help you. Found in the fine manual Once things appear to be working, I would advise you to backup the installaion, drop (or rename) the database, and recreate it from the backup.

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Hi thanks wildplasser, I can login to the psql now –  user1305120 Apr 4 '12 at 11:27
Don't forget to dump and restore. There may be other hidden damage still lurking in there. –  wildplasser Apr 4 '12 at 11:31
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