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I need to work with decimals. In my program, the user need to put a number with decimals to convert that number.

The problem is: If I try to convert the argument into a number I get a integer without decimals.

# ARGV[0] is: 44.33

size = ARGV[0]

puts size.to_i
# size is: 44
# :(
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You call to_i, you get integer.

Try calling to_f, you should get a float.

For more string conversion methods, look here.

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You can also use sprintf to have exact number of decimal points:

a = 2.45
p sprintf "%.6f", a #=> "2.450000"
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You also can use the decimal class for it

a = '2.45' Decimal(a) 2.45

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NoMethodError (undefined method `Decimal' for ... Another "feature / improvement" from the serial "formerly working-code" destruction-team, no doubt. – JosephK Nov 20 at 6:54

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