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I want to build a report in the gui and access it via API, (PHP .NET whatever).
Is there any way to do it?
The reason is that I want to let the Marketing people built their reports in the GUI, and ill access it via the API to import it to our databases.
If it was a single report so I assume its doable, but we are talking about 10+ reports that needs to be imported to our databases.
I if I am building a report and naming it VISITS_PER_COUNTRY.
so I can have this.

$ga = new ga();
$result = $ga->fetchReport("VISITS_PER_COUNTRY");


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Currently, this cannot be done through the API.

There is a feature request in for it:

Issue 23: Expose Custom Reporting trough API

Custom reports are queries for dimensions and metrics. They may include filters as well. They can usually be duplicated with a query to the API.

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