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Our client needs to build an Alert Service to generate alerts as messages based on some business rules in their website (ASP.NET/SQL), and it uses a Notification Service to queue and send alert notifications to users who responsible to handle this cases.

I need to know the best practice to implement this services based on Microsoft technologies and services or if there are architecture reference for that.

Please take into consideration the following:

  • The Alert Service should be dynamic enough to update/add business cases in future.
  • The Notification Service should be fault tolerance and can handle different message types.
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Workflow Foundation WF sounds like a good candidate, I haven't used it myself though

you could also implement your rules in a windows service, which would read alerts from a message queue and apply the rules. Web API could be used as a front end for the queue if you don't want to expose the queue directly or you want to apply some validation rules before routing the alert to the rule engine inside the windows service.

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