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Here i am sharing one of my data which are in .dat file. I have 16162 different files. I merged all into one file and want to read it in matlab and need to extract three parameter's values from a single file and arrange them in either row wise or column wise. I can do it by using C sharp codes but i want to do it by using matlab. can anybody help me out for writing the codes please?

Here is the one sample file data:

DISTRIBUTION: monomodal log-normal
n    :  1.000
r_mod:   .010
sigma:  1.400

number conc., surface. conc., volume conc. 

 .1087E+01     .1866E-02       .7878E-05

part. ave. radius, surf. ave. radius, vol. ave. radius : 
 .1149E-01   .1169E-01   .1201E-01

surface mean radius, volume mean radius : 
 .1267E-01   .1392E-01

eff. variance : 

Let's say: I want to extract or read three parameters (r_mod, sigma, Surface means radius). The corresponding values for these three parameters from the file I put in this page is .010 , 1.400 , .1267E-01

The output should be (Which i want):

r_mod sigma surface mean radius .01 1.4 1.27E-02 .02 1.4 2.67E-02 .03 1.4 3.98E-02 ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

I have more than thousands similar files in a same directory. I want to read all those files in matlab and the output should show in this way in a single file.

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You may have better luck if you asked this on StackOverflow. The Stats SE is stronger in statistical methodology than programming questions. – Christopher Aden Mar 31 '12 at 13:37
Which three parameters do you want to extract? When you merged the files, did you simply append the individual files? – Jonas Mar 31 '12 at 20:24
What is the format of output file? – Jessada Thutkawkorapin Apr 1 '12 at 8:56
You can certainly do it in MATLAB, but Perl probably would be easier. You can run perl script directly from MATLAB with PERL function. Have you considered this option? – yuk Apr 2 '12 at 1:01

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