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I am coding a program which need to highlight an item in list control when dialog box creates. I am creating a list control in dialog box in via resource not CreateWindow() or CreateWindowEx().

I want to know that how can I highlight a row and how can I search in? For example is a user types "Demo" in edit box then how can I search for "Demo" in list control and highlight it?

I need help in Win32 API with C


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1, For search string in listbox control you can send message LB_FINDSTRING or LB_FINDSTRINGEXACT

Both return zero based index of item in listbox which match your string

2, by "highlist" item, you probably mean select this item. There is message LB_SETSEL which can by used to set selection state

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Please be more specific. I am a newbie in WinAPI programming. – CodeRunner Apr 1 '12 at 9:03

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