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I started learning go. After my first try outs with the comand line, I installed Goclipse. When I creating a new Go Project in this Enviroment I get to following File Structure: -bin -pgk -windows_amd64 - src

Following this Example: http://code.google.com/p/goclipse/wiki/GettingStarted, I created first a Hello World Program, here I havn't any Problems.

But when I create under the pkg folder an new folder clock and at the file ampm.go I get the following Error in the first line:

Multiple markers at this line - mkdir C:\Windows\go-build441906462: error 5 (FormatMessage failed with err=15100) - 7 changed lines

When I try to Import the clock package in my hello.go File, I get the error, that he cant find the package clock.

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I am having the same sort of problem. Has anyone posted (or could they write?!) an answer or blog post walking through these first steps? –  Alistair Collins Jul 30 '12 at 9:07
Maybe it helps the install new newest Version of GoClipse, that has reduced many of my problems ... –  Pacnos Aug 24 '12 at 17:07

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You should try to manually compile things from the command line if you see errors in goclipse - I've noticed that sometimes it can't seem to recover from an error compiling a part of the program. You might also check the Go config in Eclipse if you've changed versions, since they moved files around. Cleaning the build and changing a file can force it to rebuild too.

The folder structure should be like this:

--bin (for commands)
--pkg (for compiled packages)

You can compile a package or command like: go build src/cmd/*.go

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