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I am using RegQueryValueEx to read a String value (REG_SZ) from the registry. The value if this registry contains some Japanese Characters along with english.
For eg: C:\Program Files\MyReg\チチチ\helloworld

I am using the following code snippet:

BYTE* dwValue = 0;
DWORD  dwSize = 0;
DWORD dwType = SZ_REG;
TCHAR* valueName= TEXT("test");
//Get the size 
if(RegQueryValueEx(hKey, valueName,NULL,&dwType,NULL,&dwSize) == ERROR_SUCCESS)
dwValue = new BYTE[dwSize];

if(RegQueryValueEx(hKey, valueName,NULL,&dwType,( BYTE* )( dwValue ),&dwSize) == ERROR_SUCCESS ) )
   _tprintf(TEXT("The value is  %s"),(TCHAR*)dwValue);

The output i get is-

The value is C:\Program Files\MyReg\

This exe is console application and has got UNICODE preprocessor defined. If i remove it then it works correctly and gives the correct string. I am not sure whats going wrong due to UNICODE.


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Try RegQueryValueExA instead of RegQueryValueEx – rkosegi Mar 31 '12 at 16:26
This cannot be your actual code since it contains many typos (value, dValue etc.). Please post some actual, complete code. – Philipp Mar 31 '12 at 16:38
Also, do you also have _UNICODE defined? Functions like _tprintf depend on _UNICODE, not UNICODE. Better use the 16-bit versions (RegQueryValueExW, wprintf) directly. – Philipp Mar 31 '12 at 16:40
This surely has more to do with the fact that the console isn't very good at displaying Japanese characters unless your machine has a Japanese code page selected as the default system code page. Use the debugger or MessageBox() instead. – Hans Passant Mar 31 '12 at 18:01
There's a lot of very strange casting here. I'd look to get rid of that. – David Heffernan Apr 1 '12 at 7:46

This is what fixed my problem but it still confuses me though.

My project was based on VS IDE 2003 , If i compiled the same code in VS 2003 with UNICODE/_UNICODE , it will fail to give me the complete string meaning (it will remove the characters starting from the first Double Byte character).
If I build with VS IDE 2003 WITHOUT the _UNICODE/UNICODE flag , it WORKS CORRECTLY and gives me the complete string and then depending on my code page I may get to see the actual characters or bunch of question marks (???) for each double byte character.

If I compile the same code with VS 2005 , then I get the correct and complete string (from the registry) irrespective of whether or not I have defined _UNICODE/UNICODE.
But when the characters can't be displayed on Japanese OS console as well as english OS console. But MessageBox() displays them correctly. In order to display the characters correctly on Japanese OS console I am forced to compile without the _UNICODE/UNICODE flags. (which i m not able to understand ..) In my code there is no change at all what i have to make except compiling it with VS 2005 to get the problem fixed(except the display problem)

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