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I also am wondering why I cannot get Eclipse to complete the following for me:

Select X from dbo.table.xxxx    

It will give me the table but not any columns. I am using Indigo and have Data Tools installed. Am I expecting something it is not designed to do?

db = Sybase 12.x, I tried using the JDBC and JTDS drivers for both 12.x and 15.x

JDBC is using jconn3. JTDS is 1.2.5 I think.

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take a look at this newsgroup post http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/dtp-dev/msg01630.html

it explains why it doesn't work and it might be fixed in future versions

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Thanks. That post says that it should work if you type the table name in first...but that doesn't even work for me. Since that was a 2008 comment I will assume they never got around to putting that functionality together. Life goes on! –  djailer Apr 1 '12 at 16:17

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