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I cannot seem to be able to publish a second set of jars to a local maven repo using a separate upload task, different to uploadArchives. Here's my setup:

uploadArchives {
  repositories {
    mavenDeployer {
      repository(url: project.releaseRepoUrl)
      snapshotRepository(url: project.snapshotRepoUrl)

task sourcesJar(type: Jar){ ... }

  archives sourcesJar

The above works as expected. Then I have an additional configuration


task guiceJar(type: Jar){ ... }

task guiceSourcesJar(type: Jar){ ... }

  guiceArchives guiceJar
  guiceArchives guiceSourcesJar
  //archives guiceJar
  //archives guiceSourcesJar

Executing gradle uploadArchives works OK, but gradle uploadGuiceArchives does nothing:

:core:guiceClasses UP-TO-DATE
:core:guiceJar UP-TO-DATE
:core:guiceSourcesJar UP-TO-DATE
:core:jar UP-TO-DATE
:core:sourcesJar UP-TO-DATE


Individual guiceJar and guiceSourcesJar tasks work fine by themselves, and printing out the contents of guiceArchives configuration also reveals that jars are correctly included as artifacts.

I tried temporarily assigning guiceJar and guiceSourcesJar to the archives configuration, which makes it complain saying:

A POM cannot have multiple artifacts with the same type and classifier.

Which is exactly what the manual says. So I assumed that it is this artifact clash that was the cause of the problem.

So I fixed it using addFilter as the manual suggests, which worked great but only when guiceJar and guiceSourcesJar are assigned to archives. When I assign them back to guiceArchives and try gradle uploadGuiceArchives it still does nothing.

Is there no way to upload multiple artifacts with different upload tasks?


Here's the update with the solution provided by @Peter Niederwieser.

Just add this:

uploadGuiceArchives {
  repositories {
    mavenDeployer {
      repository(url: project.releaseRepoUrl)
      snapshotRepository(url: project.snapshotRepoUrl)

Note: the addFilter is not needed.



For completeness, the project.releaseRepoUrl and project.snapshotRepoUrl are set to a local maven repository as follows:

  releaseRepoUrl = "file://${project(':').projectDir}/../mvn-repo/releases"
  snapshotRepoUrl = "file://${project(':').projectDir}/../mvn-repo/snapshots"
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Is this still the correct way to support configuration artifacts in the same project? – cmcginty Sep 5 '13 at 0:37
Haven't found any major feature updates in this area, so I guess it is still a valid, and the best way of doing it. – rodion Sep 5 '13 at 2:09
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Could it be that you didn't define repositories for uploadGuiceArchives like you did for uploadArchives?

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That was it, thanks! I completely failed to see the fact that repository configuration is per-task. – rodion Apr 1 '12 at 2:17

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