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So, I've been working on this code for some time, but I'm giving up, and reaching out for help from you guys. I've been looking at documentation for MongoDB and PHP, but I can't find anything. What I want to do is take the sample code for inserting a record:

$obj = array( "title" => "Calvin and Hobbes", "author" => "Bill Watterson" );

And re-purpose is for my project (as shown):

    $obj = array( $startCol => $startRow );

The thing is that $startCol and $startRow are arrays, and it gives me a problem every time I want to run the document. Is there something ridiculously simple I'm missing here? Thanks in advance.

Chunk of code that's giving me problems:

$maxRows= count($currentarray); //Outputs 45
$maxCols= count($currentarray[0]); //Outputs 9

$testing = 1;

    do {
    while ($currentCol<$maxCols){
        $startCol[] = $currentarray[0][$currentCol];
        $startRow[] = $currentarray[$currentRow][$currentCol];

    $obj = array( $startCol => $startRow );
    print_r ($collection);
    if ($currentCol==$maxCols)
    //echo "<br />";
    } while ($currentRow<$maxRows);
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the first thing that jumps out to me is that $collection seems undefined –  Goldentoa11 Mar 31 '12 at 17:39
Sorry, collection is defined I just didn't post it. –  EGHDK Mar 31 '12 at 18:10

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The problem I was getting was with my output statement. So my answer was fairly simple. After, print_r() all of my variables I found that I was in fact storing them, but I was calling them incorrectly at the end of the program.

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