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DataGridColumnHeader has event MouseLeftButtonDown. How can i use this event ?

How can i join DataGridColumnHeader with DataGridColumn ?

for Example:
  DataGridTextColumn TC;
  TC = new DataGridTextColumn();
  TC.Header = "ID";
  TC.Binding = new Binding();
  TC.Binding.Converter = new MyCustomConverter();
  TC.Binding.ConverterParameter = 0;

  // I need something like this:
  TC.MouseLeftButtonDown += new event .... 
  // i need - when click on column header, my custom function will executed.

  dataGrid.Columns.Add( TC );
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worst code i have ever seen;) sry u should use a method(callback)/lambda sure satisfies an event delegate signature to handle the event

Callback approach:

TC.MouseLeftButtonDown += MouseLeftButtonDownHandler;
//define callback
private void MouseLeftButtonDownHandler(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs mouseButtonEventArgs)
    //write ur logic here...

Lambda approach

TC.MouseLeftButtonDown += (sender, args) => {//write ur logic here}
//where "sender" means the object raises the event(i.e. "TC"), args - object contains some helpfull information about the happened event(like "ClickCount", etc.).

This links will be usefull:



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