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I tried to make some sort of wrapper/class to make, making a GUI with tkinter somewhat simpler. I realize this is kind of redundant and it does not make code much prettier or smaller but I just wanted to try if I could do it. Here is my code.

from tkinter import *
import tkinter.messagebox

class Bysic():
def __init__(self):
    self.app = Tk()

def createButton(self, label, row, col, command, sticky=W):
    self.button = Button(self.app,text=label,command=command)
    self.button.grid(row=row, column=col, sticky=sticky)

def setSize(self, width, height):

def setTitle(self, title):

def createEntry(self, caption, row, col, width=None, defaultValue=None, alignment=W, **options):
    self.entryLabel = Label(self.app, text=caption)
    self.entryLabel.grid(row=row, column=col, sticky=W)
    self.entry = Entry(self.app, **options)
    if defaultValue:
        self.entry.delete(0, END)
        self.entry.insert(0, defaultValue)
    if width:
    self.entry.grid(row=row, column=col+1, sticky=W)
    return self.entry

def createLabelVar(self, caption, row, col, alignment=W):
    self.labelVar = StringVar()
    self.label = Label(self.app, textvar=self.labelVar)
    self.label.grid(row=row, column=col, sticky=alignment)
    return self.labelVar

def createLabel(self, caption, row, col, alignment=W):
    self.staticLabel = Label(self.app, text=caption)
    self.staticLabel.grid(row=row, column=col, sticky=alignment)

def appLoop(self):

def appKill(self):

I can now instantiate a 'Bysic'object and spawn GUI elements on it. However one element, the createLabelVar only works on the first gui. Let me demonstrate this.

import bysic
x = Bysic()
label = x.createLabelVar("Original text",0,0)
label.set("Overriding text")

a = Bysic()
newLabel = a.createLabelVar("Original text",0,0)

The first Bysic instance (x) does show the label with the text "Overriding text" however the second Bysic instance (a) doesn't show anything, just a empty tkinter window.

How comes? I mean, x and a are seperate, why does the createLabelVar function work with one instance but not the other?

Thanks in advance!

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Tkinter is not designed to have more than one instance of the Tk class. You must create only one, and have only one mainloop running.

If you want multiple windows you'll need to create instances of Toplevel.

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