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What is the best way to monitore Ruby process ( Not Rails ), I tried to use Newrelic but it seems it is designed for Rails .

I'm using distributed Ruby processes with foreman, the processes communicate with RabbitMQ queuing system, and I'm looking for a tool that can trace my queries and other parameters specially that I'm using active record with most of my models .

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NewRelic is still viable for Ruby apps that are non-Rails. The downside is you have to manually instrument your code with trace calls. NewRelic's documentation (scroll down to Adding Method Tracers (Ruby)) shows how to setup custom tracing for your application. Then you can use the NewRelic website as usual to inspect the runtime of your app.

I have done this for Java apps, but not a Ruby app. One thing to look out for is that custom traces will show up in the Background Issues area, not under Web Transactions (for obvious reasons). Database calls should be in the correct area.

The NewRelic support is very good, I have work with them several times to debug an issue. If you have an issue with the custom tracing, they will help sort it out.

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try monit

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I'm not looking for something to run and stop the process i'm already using foreman to do so , but i'm looking more for something showing some statistics just like newrelic –  Eqbal Mar 31 '12 at 21:53

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