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I have got a game in which I use core graphics to constantly draw lines on the screen. Those lines are eventually my sprites. As for the game loop I have set up a NSTimer which gets called every 0.009 seconds and delivers a good frame rate. This timer calls the updateGame function which calculates the new position if the lines, sends that information to a drawingView which renders out the graphics onto an offscreen buffer which is then translated to an UIImage and shown on the screen.

Now I do no know why, but somehow I am experiencing lags in my game as soon as I touch the screen. i.e. the lines do not get drawn in a flow and constantly. But as soon as I stop tapping the screen the lines get drawn perfectly. Can anybody suggest me why this is happening?

Thanks in advance for your kind help!

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Maybe because touch events are handled at some point on the same thread as the draw events (99% of the time draw events happen on the main thread).

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