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I have a collection of term-count pairs that I want to index in lucene. Is there any way to do this without creating a "document" where I have replicated each term as many times as the count?

My query will also be of similar form.

My question was probably not clear. What I meant is that instead of a full document I have the term-count values. E.g., instead of the document "a rose is a rose is a rose" I have a file of the form:

a 3 rose 3 is 2

If I have a query of the form "rose a rose", I will represent it as rose 2 a 1

Can I use lucene to index this kind of data to start with? And then can I query with this type of queries?


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This should be simple to achieve. Just create a document with two fields -- one holding the term, the other holding the count. You'll probably benefit by using NumericField for the count.

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