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I have an app that downloads some documents from a server and saves them into a persistent store (Sqlite). I hold the documents data in a NSData property of a NSManagedObject and everytime I download a new doc, basically the app saves the data to the persistent store, but also keeps it in memory, which I don't want. Is there a way to force faulting? Somehow, I would like to release the memory, and keep the data only in the database. Hope it makes sense, I'm a beginner with Core Data.

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You can turn a NSManagedObject into fault by calling refreshObject:mergeChanges:.

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+1 This is the proper way to force a NSManagedObject to a fault. – lnafziger Apr 1 '12 at 3:31
This, combined with "Allows external storage" solved the problem for me. Thanks! – Valentin Radu Apr 1 '12 at 11:20

One option would be to read it into one or more managed objects that are local to the scope of a routine, and then when they go out of scope they will be released from memory. (Might want to save them first).

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