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I have structure


I want enable caching for all files in subfolders, but disable caching for files in folder /media/images

Structure of site i cant't change.

Now i have code in .htaccess

<FilesMatch "\.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$">
Header set Expires "Thu, 15 Apr 3015 20:00:00 GMT"

its enable caching for all images on my site.

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1) You should put .htaccess with code

<FilesMatch "\.(jpg|jpeg|png|gif)$">
Header set Expires "Thu, 15 Apr 3015 20:00:00 GMT"

in folder other_images

2) You can use directive DirectoryMatch

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1) its good idea - works for me. –  user1293332 Apr 28 '12 at 10:48
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insert a file into the subfolder with content you want NOT CACHE as follows

file name


contents of this file:

<IfModule mod_expires.c>
# disable caching forthis directory mod_expires for this directory
ExpiresActive off

For detailed information: http://static.askapache.com/httpd/modules/mod_expires.c

For MORE detail information: http://www.askapache.com/htaccess/speed-up-sites-with-htaccess-caching.html#mod_expires_Caching_EX-_1

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