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Is it possible to detect, using JavaScript, when the user changes the zoom in a page? I simply want to catch a "zoom" event and respond to it (similar to window.onresize event).


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I believe that the newer browsers do fire the onresize event when the page is zoomed. – epascarello Jun 15 '09 at 14:43
I have a similar problem, but I don't just want to know when the zoom is changed, I want to know the value of the zoom when my page loads, as well. – Nosredna Oct 21 '09 at 23:58
Really not a duplicate. The question here is about catching the event, not determining the zoom level. – Assaf Lavie Aug 10 '12 at 20:35
@epascarello - yes, but it doesn't invalidate my comment – HorusKol Dec 20 '12 at 5:17
I'd like to confirm about 'onresize' occuring in newest browsers. So far I see newset Chrome (33), FF (28), IE(11 and 11 in 9th Mode) all correctly trigger the event when you zoom in or out. – Brock Apr 8 '14 at 15:34
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There's no way to actively detect if there's a zoom. I found a good entry here on how you can attempt to implement it.

I’ve found two ways of detecting the zoom level. One way to detect zoom level changes relies on the fact that percentage values are not zoomed. A percentage value is relative to the viewport width, and thus unaffected by page zoom. If you insert two elements, one with a position in percentages, and one with the same position in pixels, they’ll move apart when the page is zoomed. Find the ratio between the positions of both elements and you’ve got the zoom level. See test case. http://web.archive.org/web/20080723161031/http://novemberborn.net/javascript/page-zoom-ff3

You could also do it using the tools of the above post. The problem is you're more or less making educated guesses on whether or not the page has zoomed. This will work better in some browsers than other.

There's no way to tell if the page is zoomed if they load your page while zoomed.

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One can check size parameters inside the onload handler for the body. Curiously, in debugging IE8 vs. 9 it appears that the onresize handler for the body is passed the document in IE8, while IE9 passes the window, as does Chrome. – Walter K Aug 8 '12 at 21:57

I'm using this piece of JavaScript to react to Zoom "events".
It polls the window width. (As somewhat suggested on this page (which Ian Elliott linked to): http://novemberborn.net/javascript/page-zoom-ff3 [archive])

Tested with Chrome, Firefox 3.6 and Opera, not IE.

Regards, Magnus

var zoomListeners = [];

  // Poll the pixel width of the window; invoke zoom listeners
  // if the width has been changed.
  var lastWidth = 0;
  function pollZoomFireEvent() {
    var widthNow = jQuery(window).width();
    if (lastWidth == widthNow) return;
    lastWidth = widthNow;
    // Length changed, user must have zoomed, invoke listeners.
    for (i = zoomListeners.length - 1; i >= 0; --i) {
  setInterval(pollZoomFireEvent, 100);
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what about the false positives with window resizes? – gcb Dec 10 '10 at 19:30
@gcb You're right, it fires on resize too, I just tested. – KajMagnus Apr 14 '11 at 2:25
But you could filter out those cases when you also implement an onresize handler. So the basics for a solution are here I'd say. – Stijn de Witt Nov 9 '12 at 12:54

This works for me:

        var deviceXDPI = screen.deviceXDPI;
            if(screen.deviceXDPI != deviceXDPI){
                deviceXDPI = screen.deviceXDPI;
                ... there was a resize ...
        }, 500);

It's only needed on IE8. All the other browsers naturally generate a resize event.

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Using jQuery, IE8 generates a resize event correctly. – Designermonkey Jul 21 '12 at 16:02

There is a nifty plugin built from yonran that can do the detection. Here is his previously answered question on StackOverflow. It works for most of the browsers. Application is as simple as this:

window.onresize = function onresize() {
  var r = DetectZoom.ratios();
  zoomLevel.innerHTML =
    "Zoom level: " + r.zoom +
    (r.zoom !== r.devicePxPerCssPx
        ? "; device to CSS pixel ratio: " + r.devicePxPerCssPx
        : "");


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detect-zoom seems to have moved to github.com/tombigel/detect-zoom – Ferruccio Aug 20 '14 at 14:44

I'd like to suggest an improvement to previous solution with tracking changes to window width. Instead of keeping your own array of event listeners you can use existing javascript event system and trigger your own event upon width change, and bind event handlers to it.

$(window).bind('myZoomEvent', function() { ... });

function pollZoomFireEvent() 

    if ( ... width changed ... ) {

Throttle/debounce can help with reducing the rate of calls of your handler.

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Throttle/debounce is useful only if polling is triggered by some other events (e.g. mouse movement or keyup). – fuzzyTew Oct 15 '11 at 0:49

You can also get the text resize events, and the zoom factor by injecting a div containing at least a non-breakable space (possibly, hidden), and regularly checking its height. If the height changes, the text size has changed, (and you know how much - this also fires, incidentally, if the window gets zoomed in full-page mode, and you still will get the correct zoom factor, with the same height / height ratio).

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var zoomv = function() {
  alert ("zoom");
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I'am replying to a 3 year old link but I guess here's a more acceptable answer,

Create .css file as,

@media screen and (max-width: 1000px) 
       // things you want to trigger when the screen is zoomed


@media screen and (max-width: 1000px) 

The above code makes the size of the font '10px' when the screen is zoomed to approximately 125%. You can check for different zoom level by changing the value of '1000px'.

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What's the relationship between the max-width and the zoom ratio? – seebiscuit Jan 11 at 22:56
This code will be executed on each <1000px screen and has nothing to do with zoom – Artur Stary Feb 17 at 9:52
@ArturStary there is no way to detect if the browser is zoomed but there are many workarounds and one of them is what I have mentioned in my answer. Moreover, I did say that you can change the value of 1000px to check for different screen sizes which will give the effect of different zoom level – Saumil Soni Feb 17 at 20:58

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