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I'm getting a cross domain error when trying to load a custom class. Here is my directory structure







CustomClass2 inherits from CustomClass1, but this is where I'm getting the cross domain error.

I'm including the require in CustomClass2:


I believe I need to add a module path. I tried the statement below (with many variations) but I haven't gotten it to work. Any ideas?

dojo.registerModulePath("gic", "gic");
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Cross domain refers to retrieving the javascript files from a server that is not the domain that is serving the web application itself. An example is loading dojo from a CDN.


From what you posted, I can't tell if you are using dojo from a CDN or not. If you are, then this link should help you configure your module path:


If not, then it is important to note that the second parameter is a directory path and is relative to dojo.js


dojo.registerModulePath("lib", "../lib");
dojo.registerModulePath("gic", "../gic");

If you are having this problem doing a custom build, then you need to set prefixes in the profile:

prefixes: [
    [ "dijit", "../dijit" ],
    [ "lib", "../lib" ],
    [ "gic", "../gic" ]
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