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which library would you advise me to use? I don't know any of these libraries. I heard, that Boost is very often used but also it's hard to code in.

So to make this question as objective as possible: Just simply from the aspect of beginner programmer (I've coded ~1000 LOC in C++ in my life) which library would be better to learn?

I'll be using it mainly for HTTP client.

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Boost is not an acronym, btw. – Nicol Bolas Mar 31 '12 at 21:54
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The answer is bound to be subjective but with particular emphasis on for a beginner then I think POCO is clearly the way to go. It actually has some HTTPClient classes and once you get beyond the point of being happy that something works the code is clear enough to follow so that you can dig in and understand why it works if that is where things lead you.

POCO is well written OOP code and does not require much in the way of understanding templates and such. The classes are well integrated with one another, extensive, and the documentation more or less points you to the next (or previous) class that you need. You won't be dashing around 20 separate libs as Boost is likely to have you doing. (There is always time for that later!)

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I've just downloaded the sources of POCO and I'm taking a look at the testsuit - and I must agreee - it is understandable :) thank you – Novellizator Mar 31 '12 at 21:56
@Tomy I never got the POCO library running with VS 2010 on a w7 64bit. What OS and code environment are you running? – Rps Apr 1 '12 at 7:51
@Rps the same exactly :( I will try it out, hope it will work.... – Novellizator Apr 1 '12 at 9:02
@Rps woo-hoo! I did it! :-) It's simpler than one would think. Check out and do the same thing (update PATH + update compier and linker properties...) – Novellizator Apr 1 '12 at 21:51
@Rps here - check this out. If it won't help I give in.… – Novellizator Apr 4 '12 at 17:36

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