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We're using the Html.DropDownList and other controls in various MVC3 user data entry forms.

When a user is editing a records data values and they haven't specified values for a DropDownList then the optionLabel text of 'Select One' is displayed in the input field.

We'd like to make it more obvious to the end-user when they're viewing a screen of data that 'Select One' isn't a data value by showing it in a different font colour (blue ?) and in italics.

Has anyone any ideas how to simply achieve this ?

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If the DropDownList is required... just mark that field as requiered using the somehow standard red "(*)". If the user submit the form, the client side validation will display the message telling the user that this field is required.

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The level of customization of the <select> HTML element is pretty limited. IIRC you could change the color but I am not sure that you can show it in italics:

    x => x.Foo, 
    "-- select a foo --", 
    new { @class = "foo" }

and then in your CSS file define the .foo rule:

.foo option:first-child {
    color: red;

If you want more customizations of the look and feel of the standard <select> element you might take a look at some of the available jQuery plugins.

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