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I installed android-x86-4.0-RC1-eeepc.iso on VirtualBox and I trying to setup the network configuration on my installation, but I never get an installation. I already tried to find something in google but all configuration didn't get a result. Did you have some idees how to configure my virtual machine? Running on Windows7x64 and connection type is WiFI.

Ok I get running connection from my host to virtual box. I'm able to connect from my host to my android guest. Know I would ask if its possible to connect from my virtualhost to my host-system?

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If you read near the end of the release notes page, the current build from android-x86 has known issues with Ethernet support. Your best bet right now is to use the build from /

Here are some notes I used while setting up my Android 4.0.x virtual machine:

  • I used their ISO dated 20120130 to install
  • Configured VBox guest as Linux/Ubuntu with 1024MB of RAM
  • Once the VM has booted, you will want to disable "Mouse Integration" - you can press Host+I or from the Machine menu choose "Disable Mouse Integration". If you don't do this your mouse will not work as a cursor.

The default Ethernet adapter will be configured as a NAT device, so depending on your needs you may want to configure the virtual machine to forward TCP 5555 if you plan on using adb for debugging.

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