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I'm using Phonegap in Eclipse (with the ADT plugin).

I have a big framework that I use for my normal HTML projects. This framework is full of js, css and graphics files.

For convenience I included the whole framework inside my Phonegap project, since I might need something from the framework later.

But when I build the apk, all files from the framework are included in the apk, which makes it bigger than 10MB. Most of the files are never used in the project, so I need to find a simple way to exclude those files/folders from the build.

Any suggestions?

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I've documented how to do this using build.xml on Coderwall:


I hope this helps somebody out!

  • Gav
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The link is broken. –  Miao ZhiCheng Dec 31 '14 at 7:43
are you sure? Works fine for me... Here's a gist of its contents. Is your service provider perhaps blocking coderwall? –  gavD_UK Jan 7 at 17:51

use the ant build process, remove the files before apk is made in the pre-compile method of the ant build process.

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Thanks, already read about Ant, but I was hoping there was a more easy way, since I have no idea how to setup Ant yet. –  Dylan Apr 1 '12 at 10:28
search for it. check this out stackoverflow.com/questions/4793220/… –  ghostCoder Apr 1 '12 at 11:24

This excludes the whole ./www/app directory from the .apk build:

<property name="aapt.ignore.assets" value="&lt;dir&gt;app:" />

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