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Hi I'm doing a sniffer with c++ and libpcap and I would want to stop the capture when I press ctrl+c, this is my code:

void Capture::terminate_process(int s){

void Capture::capturar(){
  signal(SIGINT, terminate_process);
  pcap_loop (descr, -1, mycallback, NULL);

At the .h I have declared:

 pcap_t *descr;

I've seen similar solutions for my problem like this: How to use pcap_breakloop? But I can't compile, I get this error:

capture.cpp: 138:35: error: argument of type 'void (Capture ::) (int)' does not match '{aka __sighandler_t void (*) (int)}'

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signal requires a function pointer, you are using a member function pointer. Just declare Capture::terminate_process(int) as static:

class Capture {
    /* ... */
    static void Capture::terminate_process(int s);
    /* ... */

void Capture::terminate_process(int s){
/* ... */
signal(SIGINT, &Capture::terminate_process); 

You will have to make some changes to your code so that you don't depend on instance variables though.

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