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So I'm trying to split just a string I've read in through a csv file. The string contains several values such as first_name, last_name, email_address, etc... I want to use the split function to assign all those values to my own specific variables. So far this is what I have:

first_name, last_name, email_address, street_address, city, state = split(line, ",")
person_record = {first_name, last_name, email_address, street_address, city, state}

I'm getting an error in lua saying "Attempt to call global 'split' (a nil value)

I've googled with no success on the error message. Do I possibly have to include a library to use the split function????

Or am I just using the split function wrong. Any help is greatly appreciated :/

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I don't believe that Lua has a split function as you're trying to use it. This page seems to be a thorough summary of how to split (and join) strings in Lua.

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Thats the site where I learned you could split in lua. My problem is that I get an error when trying to split this way. I just want to know if I'm doing some syntactically wrong or...? – cj1098 Apr 1 '12 at 1:34
Have you read through that document? There is no split function. You have to write one. Several implementations are provided on that page. The opening paragraph (the stuff before "Joining list of strings") is just a description of the target operations, not a function reference. – larsks Apr 1 '12 at 1:35
derp. I guess I just though the bottom part was an example of one someone had made and there was a built in one. Thanks. – cj1098 Apr 1 '12 at 1:37

you may try this python-like split implementation I wrote.


  • s -- the string you want to be splitted

  • pattern -- it's the delimiter (a char or a string)

  • maxsplit -- at most this splits will be perfomed

Returns a table containing the splits.


split('potato', 't') --> {'po', 'a', 'o'}

split('potato', 't', 1) --> {'po', 'ato'}

split('potato', 'ta') --> {'po', 'to'}

split('potato', 'foo') --> {'potato'}

split = function(s, pattern, maxsplit)
  local pattern = pattern or ' '
  local maxsplit = maxsplit or -1
  local s = s
  local t = {}
  local patsz = #pattern
  while maxsplit ~= 0 do
    local curpos = 1
    local found = string.find(s, pattern)
    if found ~= nil then
      table.insert(t, string.sub(s, curpos, found - 1))
      curpos = found + patsz
      s = string.sub(s, curpos)
      table.insert(t, string.sub(s, curpos))
    maxsplit = maxsplit - 1
    if maxsplit == 0 then
      table.insert(t, string.sub(s, curpos - patsz - 1))
  return t

I hope it helps -^.^- Bye

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