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I have a table FOLDERS,everytime a folder is added through a php page it gets inserted into FOLDERS. each folder has these fields: id,userid,foldername

I simplified the table to make my question easier to grasp.


1 - 1 - Books

2 - 1 - Receipts

3 - NULL - Books

4 - NULL - Receipts

5 - NULL - Home

6 - 2 - Receipts

I would like to know how to get the fifth row as a result. The condition would be: The fact that row 5 doesnt have any UID (its empty) and is doesn't exist with a uid. When I use:

$sql="SELECT * FROM folders WHERE  userid=''";

this returns ALL the rows with an empty userid. I only want 5 as a result because UID=1 already has his folder Receipts and Books set. any suggestions would help I ve been struggling with this for a couple of hours now. Thank you

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Combine a condition userid IS NULL for null userid rows with a NOT IN() subquery which returns all the distinct folder names which do have a userid in other rows.

FROM hpoptions
  userid IS NULL 
  AND foldername NOT IN (
    SELECT DISTINCT foldername FROM hpoptions WHERE userid IS NOT NULL
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works like a charm ,amazing thank you!! –  cppit Apr 1 '12 at 2:12

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