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I'm creating a simple form and in this form I want to have an autocomplete functionality. http://www.script-tutorials.com/autocomplete-with-php-jquery-mysql-and-xml/ I read this tutorial, and for my data I created an XML file with the following format,


And the method which handles the autocomplete is

 $aValues = $aIndexes = array();
        $sFileData = file_get_contents('data2.xml'); // reading file content
        $oXmlParser = xml_parser_create('UTF-8');
        xml_parse_into_struct($oXmlParser, $sFileData, $aValues, $aIndexes);
        xml_parser_free( $oXmlParser );

        $aTagIndexes = $aIndexes['ITEM'];
        if (count($aTagIndexes) <= 0) exit;
        foreach($aTagIndexes as $iTagIndex) {
            $sValue = $aValues[$iTagIndex]['value'];
            if (strpos($sValue, $sParam) !== false) {
                echo $sValue . "\n";

But the problem is, when I'm typing into the field, it always suggest the data which is lowercase. For example if I type either 'A' or 'a' it only suggest the data 'tag'

What is the problem, how should I solve this ?


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The strpos() function is case sensitive, so it will only return "tag" as containing the letter "a". You should use stripos() if you want a case-insensitive check.

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Oh, thank you very much !! –  CanCeylan Apr 1 '12 at 3:53

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