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For example I have:

<div id ="test">[the content here]</div>

The content within the div tags will appear after I called the id of div using ajax. This is the code:

function dinamic(add)
    var kode = add.value;
    if (!kode) return;
    xmlhttp2.open('get', '../template/get_id.php?kode='+kode, true);
    xmlhttp2.onreadystatechange = function() {
        if ((xmlhttp2.readyState == 4) && (xmlhttp2.status == 200))
            var add = document.getElementById("test");
                add.innerHTML = xmlhttp2.responseText;
        return false;

So it will appear <div id="test">A</div>

I'd like to put the content of div -> A into mysql query.

$test = $_GET['test'];
$query = "select * from example where category='$test'";

I've tried to make variable $test of the div id to get the content but result of the query in category is none. I tried again, I put the div in to the query

$query = "select * from example where category='<div id=\"test\">A</div>'";

Yes, It works. But when I did query on navicat, no results I got because there's spaces between A that is <div> and </div>. How to remove/hide the div tags only so its only appear the content?

> $query = "select * from example where category='A'"; <

Edit: If I echo the query on firefox browser will say "$query = "select * from example where category='[space]A[space]'";" And look at the bug(I use firebug), it will say "$query = "select * from example where category='<div id="test">A</div>'";"

So my guessing why can't get result after query on navicat is there's spaces between A([space]A[space]), just have no idea how to remove/hide the div tags, I want to get this result only "$query = "select * from example where category='A'";"


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are you only using html/js? no php? – t q Apr 1 '12 at 4:48
document.getElementById("test").innerHTML will give 'A' only. However your question is not clear. Which php have the $test = $_GET['test']; $query = "select * from example where category='$test'"; and how you have called that php – Milindu Sanoj Kumarage Apr 1 '12 at 4:52
@tq In this case, yes only html & js. But if you have some idea use php, you can share :D @agentmilindu Yes, it will give 'A' only also the query on category will get the same BUT if I echo the query will get $query = "select * from example where category='[space]A[space]'";. But if you look at the bug(I use firebug), the query will say $query = "select * from example where category='<div="test">A</div>'"; so my guessing why the result is none after query on navicat is there's spaces between A. I just have no idea how to hide/remove the div tags or another ways? – candies Apr 1 '12 at 5:17

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