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I have a Backbone collection. I'm using fetch to lazy load Facebook posts into a model on initialization.

exports.Collection = class Posts extends Backbone.Collection
  initialize: (models, options) =>
    @id =
    @activeDetails = false
    @on "loadDetails", @loadDetails
    @on "detailsLoaded", @logger
    debug "initialized posts"
      beforeSend: () =>
        console.log "about to fetch..."
        @trigger "postsLoading"
      success: (collection, response) => 
        debug "successfully loaded ajax"
        @trigger "postsLoaded"
      error: (collection, response) => @trigger "postsLoadingError"

For some strange reason, when I try to trigger events using the beforeSend handler, events don't trigger. I can call any functions, but if any functions try to use @trigger "eventName", the event never fires in a way which I've been able to observe. In the example above, the console.log function works just fine, but the trigger fails.

Any ideas? The success and error handlers work splendidly.

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You're calling fetch inside your initialize method so nothing will have a chance to bind to that collection before the events are triggered. The initialize method is called while an instance of your collection is being created and that means that you're calling fetch before the constructor returns, but you need an instance of the collection before you can bind to its events.

Consider something that looks more like this:

class Posts extends Backbone.Collection
  do_things: ->
      beforeSend: () =>
        console.log "about to fetch..."
        @trigger "postsLoading"
      success: (collection, response) => 
        debug "successfully loaded ajax"
        @trigger "postsLoaded"
      error: (collection, response) => @trigger "postsLoadingError"

Then if you do this:

p = new Posts
p.on('postsLoading', -> console.log('loading'))     

you will see that your postsLoading event is indeed triggered.


The moral of the story is simple:

Don't call fetch inside your constructor if you care about event listeners.

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I LOVE YOU. Could I setTimeout another function in the object to wait a tick before fetching and still have the benefits of fetching when the object is initialized? – RandallB Apr 1 '12 at 20:49
@RandallB: The old setTimeout(..., 0) trick inside initialize should work as long as the caller binds their event handlers right after instantiating the collection (and you'd probably want to document this behavior). – mu is too short Apr 1 '12 at 21:20

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