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The following will extract the files in /root/ directory. But it also creates the parent directories under root. What I need is that the files should be exactly under root folder and not in /root/data/mysql/...

# tar -xvf company_raw_2012-02-22.tgz --directory=/root/

If that is not possible, how do I write a program to move these files to the required folder?

I have tried the following and it does work.


But I do not know how many folder will be there. So the number 3 may change.

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Extract everything to the temp directory with full path and then just walk it moving files to the desired destination?

rm -rf $tmpdir
mkdir $tmpdir
tar xf archive.tar.gz -C $tmpdir
find -H $tmpdir -type f -exec mv '{}' $destdir \;
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