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I implement an app with some list of process IDs. I used Runtime.getRuntime().exec("ps") to became this list. But I don´t need all processes like PID 1 --> init. There are some max. PID value for this standard PIDs ? Can I just filter them by using something like if PID > 1000 , then use it?

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The only guaranteed PID is that of init which is 1. The other processes that start up early will usually get a PID in the same (short) range just because they're started mostly in the same order every time, but you can't really rely on that.

You'll need to filter yourself, a pure numeric filter will not work all the time. (PIDs can get recycled too, so it is entirely possible to get a normal, user process with a very low PID.)

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Thanks. One more question for better understanding of it. Are UIDs unique? If f.e. UID from Google Talk ( is 10034 , so it is 10034 of all android devices? – Aprel Apr 9 '12 at 15:11
I have no idea about that. You should post another question if you can't find an answer to that. – Mat Apr 9 '12 at 16:01

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