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    <crazyNode>Data to be overwrited</crazyNode>
    <simpleNode>Normal data</simpleNode>
    <crazyNode>Actual data</crazyNode>

I want to get the last crazyNode (the one which contains Actual data).

I know how to access the first node, for example:


And I guess a solution would be

nodeList.crazyNode[nodeList.crazyNode.length() - 1]

But for some reason I don't like doing that, too verbose and maybe there's a method more elegant.


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You could refactor the code to be more readable, but that is the way to do it. Since the problem itself is getting the actual index, you could just declare a new variable to hold that value, like so:

var lastCrazyNodeIndex: int = nodeList.crazyNode.length() - 1;

You can then write a method for getting the last item, here's an idea:

public function getLastCrazyNode(nodeList:XML):Object
    var lastCrazyNodeIndex: int = nodeList.crazyNode.length() - 1;

    if( lastCrazyNodeIndex != -1 )
        return nodeList[ lastCrazyNodeIndex ];

    return null;

Even if it's the same idea, it's more readable.

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You could use something like:


Though it may not be any "prettier"...

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