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Attempting to change the "files" folder location in a Drupal site from /files to /sites/default/files.

In order to avoid changing anything else such as


I'm trying to use a basic regular expression with a word boundary.


A quick check in regexpal is working as expected, but when I enter the above in the phpMyAdmin search , checking the "as regular expression" checkbox, I don't get the expected result.

Two questions:

  • How should I write my expression with a word boundary so that it works in phpMyAdmin?

  • I'm really a newbie at SQL statements! Would it be possible to write a SQL query that would simply look for every occurrence of "files/" & replace it with "sites/default/files/"?

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According to the MySql docs, the regex flavour used is POSIX 1003.2. For this flavour of regex, word boundaries are as follows:

[[:<:]] (beginning) [[:>:]] (end)

so your regex would be:


If you want to use sql to search and replace all instances of [[:<:]]files/ from a specific field in a table, you could use a UDF such as the one found here

Also, you should be aware of the following while using regex with MySql:

Because MySQL uses the C escape syntax in strings (for example, “\n” to represent the newline character), you must double any “\” that you use in your REGEXP strings.

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not really! in your example "files/" will not match, then if I search for "files/" , "profiles/" will also match... –  PatrickS Apr 1 '12 at 20:33
@PatrickS Ahhh, i see. Sorry, I didn't consider relative paths that don't include the /. I've updated my answer with a better solution –  Robbie Apr 1 '12 at 21:46

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