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I have this attribute in my view model:

    [CustomRequired, EmailRegex]
    [Display(Name = "KeepInformedPersonMail", ResourceType = typeof (UserResource))]
    public string Email { get; set; }

The EmailRegex is like this:

public class EmailRegexAttribute : RegularExpressionAttribute
    private const string EmailPattern =

    public EmailRegexAttribute()
        : base(EmailPattern)
        ErrorMessageResourceType = typeof(UserResource);
        ErrorMessageResourceName = "InvalidEmail";

It works for server side validation but no client side.

If I replace the EmailRegex with the following it works both client and server side validation:

    [RegularExpression(@"^([a-zA-Z0-9_\-\.]+)@((\[[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.)|(([a-zA-Z0-9\-]+\.)+))([a-zA-Z]{2,4}|[0-9]{1,3})(\]?)$", ErrorMessage = "Please enter a valid e-mail adress")] 
    [Display(Name = "KeepInformedPersonMail", ResourceType = typeof (UserResource))]
    public string Email { get; set; }

Does someone can explain me how can I proceed to have client and server side validation for my initial EmailRegex?


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This answer should solve your problem

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