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Suppose I have Users data that store array of pet in String datatype

  #<User id: 1, name: "John", pets: "---\n- cat\n- dog\n- bunny\n- ''\n">,
  #<User id: 2, name: "Pete", pets: "---\n- dog\n- bunny\n- ''\n">,
  #<User id: 3, name: "Jack", pets: "---\n- cat\n- ''\n">,
  #<User id: 4, name: "Kurt", pets: "---\n- cat\n- bunny\n- ''\n">

Can i get all users that has a cat? Maybe something like User.find_all_by... or User.where(....) or anything that return as a relation? So i can order with active record query.

I know i can get all users that has a cat with

User.all.select{|s| YAML.load(s.pets).include?'cat'}

, but it convert to array that cannot be ordered with active record query.

thx for helping.

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You need to normalize your data, add Pet model and set has_and_belongs_to_many association between theese models.

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for some reason, i prevent to add another model. it's ok for me, if there's no better solution. thx –  raymondralibi Apr 1 '12 at 8:54

You could use simple SQL to see if 'cat' shows up in the serialized column.

User.where('pets LIKE "%cat%"').all

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it will also retrieves "catfish" –  raymondralibi Apr 1 '12 at 9:14
Good point -- then do User.where('pets LIKE "%cat\\n%"').all –  frontendbeauty Apr 1 '12 at 9:28

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