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I am new to HTML/CSS. So I want to quote some programming code on my website like this in RubyThis is a quoting block I found on someone's website

How could I do this on my styling sheet? Thanks!

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Use Pygments. Once you have it installed (sudo pip install pygments on Ubuntu), if you save your code to a file like foo.rb, you can call pygmentize like so:

pygmentize -O full,style=emacs -o foo.html foo.rb

which will output HTML with an embedded stylesheet using the emacs style (lots of other styles available). Alternatively to using embedded styles, you can get/create your own .css stylesheet that conforms to Pygments's DOM structure (I personally like using vim styles) and tell Pygments to just generate HTML w/o the embedded CSS:

pygmentize -o foo.html foo.rb

and now you just have to insert your stylesheet into the generated HTML.

I like this approach better than using JavaScript solutions, because the highlighting is done at "compile-time" and no work has to be offloaded to the user's browser.

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I have found Google Code Prettify, and it seems easy to use. It works for HTML with the use of JavaScript and CSS, no need for a programming language on the server. However, JavaScript has to be enabled in the client, if you disable JavaScript in the browser, all the coloring is gone.

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+1 for GCP, although JavaScript is a programming language. –  user1203803 Apr 1 '12 at 9:01
There is also highlight.js what I am using. –  hauleth Apr 1 '12 at 9:19

Take a look at coderay, it works very well with many languages.

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I've only personally done syntax highlighting in mediawiki and in ASP.NET MVC, but CodeRay (also available as a ruby gem) seems like it might do what you want.

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