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I need to change the direction of my div tag to rtl like table. when we change direction of a table then it changes columns order. I need this action to do on div tag. this action is necessary when i switch to other language like persian, arabic... then the layout need to change their places from right to left.

here is my code :

<div style="direction: rtl; display: block; ">
    <div style="display: inline">
    <div style="display: inline">
    <div style="display: inline">
    <div style="display: inline">

Notice that before i used display:table & display:table-cell and it was perfect as what i desired but the problem with that this code is limited to some new version browsers as stated that. so somehow i need to figure a way to fix above codes as i want to.

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Old-school-no-CSS is still valid in HTML4. I think also in HTML5... Use it:

<table dir="rtl">
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i need to know how it can be done in div – Mojtaba Apr 1 '12 at 8:53
Then change the float direction (float:left->float:right) by adding another CSS when in RTL mode – elcuco Apr 1 '12 at 10:54

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