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I am just two days old in using JMeter. I have been asked (at the current scenario) to use the console to run Test Plans. I have been able to generate the logs in the console. Now, what I am required to show in the log is a Summary Report something like that of the GUI. I tried using the summariser of JMeter but didn't get the exact results (may be because I don't know how to use it exactly).

I want the following in the summary:

Average Response Time

Min Response Time

Maximum Response Time

Standard Deviation




Average Bytes

These have to be shown for each HTTP Request present in the Test Group. I have been working around to get through this for about a day or so. But, am unable to do so.

Please guide me along this. Is it even possible to do this?

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Use http://code.google.com/p/jmeter-plugins/wiki/JMeterPluginsCMD like this:

java -jar CMDRunner.jar --tool Reporter --generate-csv test.csv --input-jtl results.jtl --plugin-type AggregateReport

Then you'll have test.csv containing your test summary data.

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