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I am writing a web with javascript. I want to redirect the user to specific page.

http://examplesite.com/current_page -> http://examplesite.com/final_page

Here I write

window.location = 'http://examplesite.com/final_page';

But I also want add a link between current_page and final_page in browser session history. Then I write

window.location = 'http://examplesite.com/middle_page';
window.location = 'http://examplesite.com/final_page';

I want the browser history be

/current_page -> /middle_page -> /final_page

Then when user click "previous page" button in /final_page, she will go back to /middle_page first. Unfortunately, it appears assign to location twice doesn't work. The /middle_page does not appear in history. How can I add the middle_page in history then?


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first page:

window.location = 'http://examplesite.com/middle_page';


window.location = 'http://examplesite.com/final_page';

When you browse to first page, you will redirected to middle_page, who will redirect you to final_page.

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Of course I can do that, but once the user goes back to middle, she will be redirected to the final_page then. I want them to be able to stay at middle_page. –  Victor Lin Apr 1 '12 at 11:53

On firefox 4+, they have the history.pushState() where you can add entries to the history.

You can also embed iframes and use the iframe to add entries to the history. Changing the location of the iframe will be noted in the history.

you can use either technique to pop-in that middle page. but each has it's own quirks.

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