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It gives me this error for my if structure: if: expected a question and two answers, but found 4 parts

However i am doing it according to the syntax.

 (if (or (null? list1) (null? list2))
    (append result-list (list((car list1) list2)))
    (inner ((cdr list1) list2 result-list)))

Could you please tell me where am i doing it wrong?

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is display(result-list) exactly what you've written? it looks wrong –  ShinTakezou Apr 1 '12 at 13:19

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The second line should be (display result-list).

The way you wrote it, display is the then-part of the if, (result-list) is the else-part and the begin-block is the superfluous fourth part that your compiler/interpreter complains about.

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Shouldn't this display(result-list) be (display result-list)? Remember, (call param1 param2) is the scheme syntax, call(param1 param2) is C.

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