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How do I use javascript/jquery to change the text on a button in Twitter Bootstrap without destroying the icon?

So, this is my static markup:

<a class="btn" id="myButton" onclick="doSomething()"><i class="icon-ok"></i> Do it...</a>

I am able to change the icon, like this:

$('#myButton i:first-child').attr('class','icon icon-remove');

Which is fine, but for the love of all that is good I cannot find a way to set the button text without then wiping out the icon. Eg. if I do this:

$('#myButton').text('Some Remove Text');

I lose the icon element, so how can I access just the text and edit that, whilst preserving any child elements?

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You can wrap the content in a span element and then just find it in the context of your anchor.

$('#myButton span').text('Some Remove Text');

Also you can use $('#myButton i:first') instead of $('#myButton i:first-child') or even

$('#myButton i') or $('#myButton > i') which would be shorter.
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Works like a charm. Thanks. – Oliver Lloyd Apr 1 '12 at 13:50

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