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is it possible to read mongodb data with hadoop connector but save output as mysql data table. So I want to read some data from mongodb collection by hadoop, processing it with hadoop and outputing it NOT already in mongodb but as MYSQL.

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You asked the same question and received an answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/9965427/… –  Binary Nerd Apr 2 '12 at 2:54

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I used like, fetching data from mongodb as input and store result in different mongodb address. For that one you need to specify like

MongoConfigUtil.setInputURI(discussConf,"mongodb://ipaddress1/Database.Collection"); MongoConfigUtil.setOutputURI(discussConf,"mongodb://ipaddress2/Database.Collection");

for mongodb to mysql my suggestion is , you can write normal java code to insert whatever data you need to insert in mysql . that code may be in reduce or map function

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