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I'd like to get the name of my partial view in my layout page to determine which div is going to be active. Because of the design I cannot css this nicely so I went for a more sloppy approach.

In my _Layout.chtml The Renderbody loads my content. And here depending on which button I press, I get a map or a list. These are both functions in my controller and what I would like to do is get the functionname or partial view so I can then decide which I want to show.

so I wanted to do something like this in my _Layout.chtml

 @if ( get the controllername or view == mapname or listname)

Any quick fix to do this ?

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access the RouteData dictionary from the ViewContext Object

will be like this


with the RouteData Dictionary you can get all the info needed about the controller , action and extra parameters names , depending on them output the data you want

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Aah thanks , I'll try that... –  Shinji Apr 1 '12 at 16:04

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