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I'm writing an app using and beaker.middleware.SessionMiddleware:

How can I modify the session.timeout and session.cookie_expires values so I can implement a login system that logs the user in for 30 days?

I already implemented the standard login system so everything works until the browser closes, but I'd like to modify those values if the user checks the Remember me checkbox.

I thought of two variants if the user checks the Remember me checkbox:

  • Set session.cookie_expires and session.timeout to 30 days, but it seems that I can't modify these values at run-time because the cookie I recieve expires at the end of the browser session, ignoring my runtime modifications.

  • Set session.timeout to 30 days and overwrite the cookie named writing the same session id but different expiry date. But the run-time problem from point 1. remains and it seems that I can't access the session's id that I just created with beaker, so I don't know what to store in the cookie.

How can I implement this?

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The only solution I come up with is to implement my own little backend and setting cookies myself, without beaker.

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